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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Dexalot is a revolutionary decentralized exchange aiming at bringing the traditional centralized exchange look and feel through a decentralized on-chain application. Dexalot users can trade crypto securely and efficiently, with no slippage or custody risk. It is built on Avalanche, the fastest smart contracts platform in the blockchain industry.

  • Before you can access the exchange, you must link a Metamask wallet with Dexalot. Instructions on how to get started are here.

  • The testnet is still active. The testnet and mainnet are working side by side to let new users get used to Dexalot and provide users who want to practice more that opportunity! Click here to access the testnet!

  • To cancel and order click on “My Orders” in the bottom middle tab, then click on “Active” and the “x” on the right hand side.

  • We fully agree that security is of paramount importance. To this end we tried our best to use well-audited libraries of OpenZeppelin to build on at the smart contracts level. We also did two private security audits and three public security audits by Hacken. We plan to trigger a security audit whenever an update is done for smart contracts. Additionally, we did extensive hardening at the infrastructure level to increase the resilience of Dexalot in this age of distributed attacks and scanners, etc. We will soon announce a bounty program as well to encourage community members skilled in security to contribute to the project. In addition, since a multisig decides which new pairs to be listed on Dexalot, the probability of interacting with a malicious contract is very limited.

  • Orders are filled first based on price then on time entered (orders entered earlier will be executed earlier). You can learn more about orders here.

  • Tokenization , IDO, Launch plan will be handled by Dexalot foundation so the team does not have any detailed information about it. The Dexalot foundation is expected to be operational in January 2022. All the details will be communicated by the foundation itself at that time.

  • In the middle of the page, click on “My Orders” then “Filled”. Click on the magnifying glass to the left of the order you are interested in to view the details.

  • The first pair of Dexalot (AVAX/USDT.e) was listed as part of the deployment process. The deployment script was designed to deploy the smart contracts, add the first pair, and transfer the ownership of the exchange to a 3-of-4 multisig wallet. With that said, any new trading pair needs to be listed through an approval process by this multisig wallet. Dexalot project members collectively hold only one out of 4 keys required to execute any operational decision for the exchange. Dexalot values community participation and there will be a transition to governance that will guide the decision making of the multisig.

  • The user experience is expected to be better with easier transaction completions with less reverts due to gas price changes. Overall, we expect a significant increase in transaction speeds as well as a lower overall transaction costs. Additionally, the flexibility in coding will allow the team to also add features with new order types or other related products and services.

  • You can disconnect your Metamask account from the dapp by clicking on the three dots menu on the top right (next to Account NN). Select "Connected site" it will show dapps list that were authorized to use the current account. You can remove the dapp from the authorized list with the trash can icon.

  • That's the last executed price. That price may differ because of liquidity and volume at that time. You have the ability to name your price on Dexalot, so it won’t be executed worse than your price. It will be more stable as more liquidity and volume flows in.

  • DeFi composability on Avalanche is indeed excitingly going to increase with the introduction of customizable EVM-compatible blockchains. Dexalot has security at the core of all development. We encourage traders and smart contract developers to help scrutinize our on-chain code and become part of this development. Our audit reports are public.

  • Governance will be based in part on an OpenZeppelin framework. In general, it will be similar but the thresholds for various actions will differ. You can read more about Dexalot governance here.

  • It is a non-custodial, permissionless decentralized exchange. Therefore, for average users the key advantage is that the control of their assets will be always in their hands. There are no frequent, unexpected maintenance periods that block deposits, withdrawals, or trading in general. Also, you have the ability to name your price through limit orders and that should give you the peace of mind that your orders never get executed worse than your price. So minimum slippage risks.

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