Orders FAQs

Answers to common questions related to orders.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • There is no minimum to deposit, but the app gives a warning recommending to keep at least 1 AVAX in the MetaMask to cover future gas fees. Minimum trade amount was 250 USDT.e and decreased to 150 USDT.e!

  • Gas costs effect transactions in a variety of ways. Please read about that in our Litepaper If there were many small orders to fill there would be a fairly high gas cost involved. Some orders may have to be filled by many others, resulting in higher gas costs for the taker orders. We wish we could have a lower amount but for the benefit of all and a smooth start this value is necessary. It will be adjusted over time to find a happy medium that enables a good trading experience for all.

  • The pairs started trading with only limit orders on CLOB based exchanges. Dexalot will follow the same strategy to ensure traders are not hurt by price volatility during the bootstrapping of a trading pair. Market orders will be turned on when acceptable depth in liquidity is achieved for a trading pair. For now, Fuji is testing the same code base with similar settings.

  • Dexalot has started with a single trade pair and expects the multisig and governance to gradually add from a pool of possibly 10 trade pairs. The pool includes top traded pairs from existing DEX’s on the Avalanche platform. There is no other announcement than what you can read about in our Litepaper

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