Transfers between your Avalanche and MetaMask Wallets

This tutorial will show you how to transfer AVAX from your Avalanche wallet to your MetaMask wallet.

1. Access your Avalanche wallet here and either access an existing wallet or create a new one.

2. Select Cross Chain on the left-side menu

3. Choose “C Chain (Contract)” as the Destination Chain.
4. Enter the amount you would like to transfer and click confirm (this has prepared the funds for transfer).

5. Select “Send” on the left-side menu.

6. Select “C” as the Source Chain and enter your MetaMask wallet address into “To Address”.

7. Confirm the transaction.

Now that you have transferred funds from your Avalanche wallet to your MetaMask wallet, click here to learn how to transfer funds from MetaMask to your Dexalot portfolio to start trading.