Learn the Basics

This article is meant to serve as a basic overview of the Dexalot application. More detailed articles/tutorials can be found in the resources section.

What is Dexalot?

- Dexalot is an exchange that brings the traditional look of a central exchange to a decentralized application on a blockchain. You can find more information on the Litepaper page.

What is a wallet?

- A wallet is where you store and access cryptocurrencies across exchanges. Your Dexalot portfolio is funded by a MetaMask wallet that you can set up here

What is a portfolio?

- Your portfolio is where you keep and access your funds for trading.

- Your portfolio shows your balance for various currencies across MetaMask and Dexalot.

- It also allows you to see how much of your balance is available for trading vs the total balance in the portfolio.

What types of orders can I enter?

- Buy and Sell orders are sorted into Limit and Market orders.

- More information can be found here